< 50 Things to Do in Sandboxels

Sandboxels is the ultimate sandbox simulator, allowing you to experiment with chemistry, ecosystems, food, and much more, with 500+ elements, like sand, water, fire, and plants! Get started on any device with a web browser, even your phone, by visiting the WEBSITE for free!

Below is just a portion of the things you can do to relax or research. The real options are unlimited, use your creativity!

  1. Follow a food recipe from Google
  2. Create a lovely scene then blow it up
  3. Build a thriving ecosystem with diverse plants, animals, and a food chain
  4. Put Steam into the air and watch Clouds form and rain
  5. Add different liquids to a glass to compare their densities
  6. Bombard Uranium with Neutrons until it explodes
  7. Have a battle between Spout and Torch in Special
  8. Have a battle between Gray Goo and Malware in Special
  9. Research and construct a working nuclear reactor
  10. Create tutorials on the Sandboxels Wiki
  11. Create an infinitely looping Pipe
  12. Lay down soil, add Primordial Soup, and watch it evolve
  13. Find chemical reactions on Google and try to replicate them
  14. Install and try out a mod from the Mod List
  15. Dip Humans in Acid
  16. Melt metals together to discover different alloys
  17. Discover the different flame colors of burning substances
  18. Research a Sandboxels element in real life on Google
  19. Create pixel art with the Art element in Special
  20. Mix random liquids and powders together
  21. Try heating and cooling different things to see their states
  22. Check out all the controls
  23. Make a factory to produce an element
  24. Take your anger out on pixels with Lightning
  25. Create Glass by melting Sand
  26. See the latest updates to Sandboxels
  27. Learn the effects of Radiation on different lifeforms
  28. Try feeding different foods to different animals and see what they like
  29. Melt Gallium with just the body heat from Humans
  30. Mix ingredients into Batter and bake a cake
  31. Follow a tutorial from our TikTok or YouTube
  32. Mix random food ingredients together and create a new recipe
  33. Host a Firework show
  34. Create a gift for a friend or loved one and save it as a file
  35. Brew your own herbal or floral Tea
  36. See what chemicals react to Fire and how
  37. Test the strengths of different materials with explosions
  38. Make a campfire from Wood and light it
  39. Research and create the elusive Homunculus
  40. Test the boiling and melting points of different materials
  41. Use the Incinerate tool to melt or burn almost anything
  42. Add Oxygen to Iron or Copper to create their oxides
  43. Ferment different things, like Grapes, with Yeast
  44. Import an image using the Image tool in Special
  45. Grow a Flower garden
  46. Build a terrarium for bugs and feed them
  47. Watch Humans steal all of your Gold Coins
  48. Melt everything with Plasma
  49. Discover every element (Info > Undiscovered)
  50. Compost your Dead Plants and Ash with Worms