< Sandboxels Controls

Keyboard/Mouse Controls

Draw pixels Left Click
Erase pixels Right Click
Pick element Middle Click
Pause simulation Space or P
Intensify effect Shift + Heat/Cool/Drag/Mix/Shock/Smash
Draw line Shift + Click
Change cursor size Scroll or +- or []
Cursor size 1 Shift + -
Cursor size +15 Shift + +
Change category
Select by name E
Element info I or /
Open settings \
Open saves L
Open Mod Manager M
Reset canvas R
Single step >
Fullscreen F or F11
Normal view 1
Thermal view 2
Basic view (No effects) 3
Hide canvas H
Toggle GUI F1
Capture screenshot C or F2
Paste image or Load save file Ctrl + V or Drag & Drop
Close menu or Clear logs Esc
Toggle Replace mode ;
Pick element (Copy properties) Shift + Middle Click
Select secondary element Z
Select previous element Backspace

Button Info

Toggle Shift (Line drawing & Intense tools, Mobile-only)
Pause Pause/play the simulation
Step (>) Run a single frame of simulation
Minus (-) Decrease the cursor size
Plus (+) Increase the cursor size
Reset Clear the entire canvas
Replace Override existing pixels when placing
E Select any element by name
TPS Change how fast the simulation runs (Default 30tps)
Info Open the element info screen
Mods Open the Mod Manager
Settings Open the Settings Menu

Stats Bar Info

x123,y123 Coordinates of the cursor's center
Pxls:123 Amount of pixels currently on-screen
30tps Simulation ticks attempted to run per second
1234 Total amount of ticks simulated
[↑ ] or [ ↑] Shift is held down
[A ] or [ A] Alt/Option is held down
ELEM:SAND Pixel currently hovered over
Temp:20°C Temperature of the pixel
C1, C0.75, ... Electric charge of the pixel

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