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Sandboxels has a huge selection of mods that add new content to the simulator. They are created by community members and aren't endorsed by the developer of Sandboxels.

How to enable a mod

  1. Go to the official Sandboxels website.
  2. Press the Mods button in the toolbar to open the Mod Manager.
  3. Type the full file name of the mod, listed below. You can also enter a whole URL. It MUST be exactly as written, case-sensitive and including the ".js" ending.
  4. Press enter, then refresh the page.

Sandboxels Mod List

Mods submitted to our GitHub repo are listed here.

Mod NameDescriptionCreator
alchemy.jsStart with only 4 elements and unlock more by reacting them together. (Most are not possible)R74n
classic_textures.jsUse textures from early versions of the gameR74n
color_everything.jsAllows every element to have a custom colorR74n
devtests.jsExperimental features from the Sandboxels developer; Currently there is Earthquake in WeaponsR74n
edible_everything.jsAllows every element to be mixed into Batter and DoughR74n
fools.jsAdds back FOOLS ModeR74n
smooth_water.jsChanges water mechanics so that it flows in one direction until it bounces off of somethingR74n
spring.jsMany nature elements, like sakura trees, butterflies, beehives, and moreR74n
velocity.jsBeta for explosion velocity, and later wind, which may come to the base game in the futureR74n
Tools & Settings
adjustablepixelsize.jsAllows you to set the pixelSize with a URL parameterAlice
betterModManager.jsImprovements to the Mod Managerggod
betterSettings.jsAdds additional settings and functionalityggod
betterStats.jsSeparate “real” and “set” TPS, meaning you can see what the TPS actually is, instead of only seeing what it’s set tomollthecoder
change.jsAdds a tool that only replaces existing pixelsAlice
color_tools.jsAdds tools that manipulate colorsAlice
controllable_pixel_test.jsAdds a pixel that can be controlled with the keyboard keys. Read the commit description for more info. [PC ONLY]Alice
cpt_alt.jsAdds a more destructive variant of the controllable pixelAlice
delete_all_of_element.jsAdds a tool that deletes every pixel of the element(s) the user clicks onAlice
descriptions.jsAdds descriptions to the info page and tooltips of elementsmollthecoder
editTools.jsSelections, Copying, Pasting, Cutting, Shapes, and more!ggod
elementsManager.jsCreate and edit custom elementsggod
evenmoretemptools.jsAdds different temperature-modifying tools (±350/tick, NaN, and Infinity)Alice
extra_element_info.jsAdds descriptions to various vanilla elements. Used to provide the functionality that desc now does before it was added to vanillaMelecie
find.jsAdds a find mode that highlights a chosen element as pulsating red and yellow (read commit description)Alice
insane_random_events.jsMassively buffs random eventsAlice
moretools.jsAdds more temperature-modifying tools (±10/tick, ±50/tick, and absolute zero tools)Sightnado
move_tools.jsAdds tools that move pixelsAlice
noconfirm.jsRemoves all confirmation pop upsmollthecoder
page_color.jsAllows changing the background color outside of the canvas with the “pageColor” query parameterAlice
pixelResizeTool.jsAdds a button to change pixel scalefeeshmaster
prompt.jsAdds a primitive command consoleAlice
prop.jsAdds tool to edit the attributes of pixelsAlice
replace_all.jsAdds a way to replace every pixel of an element with another element
Read the commit description for usage
replace.jsAdds a tool that replaces every pixel of a specified element with another specified element. (The prompt to specify these is toggled by pressing " or by the button in the element description)Alice
save_loading.jsAdds the ability to save and load scenes from files (See the info page of the element)Alice
stripe_paint.jsAdds a tool to paint with stripesAlice
the_ground.jsAdds several rock types, worldgen settings, and gemstones (broadly construed as ground-related).
Very incomplete
Science & Chemistry
alcohol.jsAdds methanol, (iso-)propanol, and butanolAlice
alkahest.jsAdds the alkahest, a liquid which dissolves anythingAlice
bigger_star_spawners.jsAdds spawners for larger starsAlice
bioooze_and_pyrogens.jsAdds Bio-Ooze from Frackin’ Universe and several heat-producing materials from various games’ modsAlice
boiling_things.jsAllows for various elements to be vaporizedAlice
chalcopyrite.jsAdds the chalcopyrite oreSophie
chem.jsAdds several chemistry and physics-related elementslllllllllwith10ls
clf3.jsAdds Chlorine TrifluorideAlice
fire_mod.jsAdds various properties to change fire behavior, & a radioactive version of fireAlice
fire_slime.jsAdds a pyrogenic version of slimeAlice
Gemstones.jsAdds more gemstonesSchweeny
glenn_gases.jsAdds most gases from the Glenn's Gases mod into SandboxelsAlice
grav_mudstones.jsAdds various forms of mudstone with different gravitiesAlice
hidden_ground.jsHides most rock variants from the_ground.js excluding the base rocks and wallsMelecie
iocalfaeus_clones.jsAdds Iorefrius, Iolucius, and Ioradius gasAlice
laetium.jsAdds several fictional elementsAlice
liquid_energy.jsAdds liquid versions of the elements in the Energy categoryAlice
metals.jsAdds several metalsAlice
mixture.jsAllows many chemicals to be mixedlllllllllwith10ls
moreliquids.jsAdds various liquidste-agma-at
nellfire.jsAdds a weird transforming flame and several rock typesAlice
Neutronium Mod.jsVariety of scientific elements
neutronium_compressor.jsAdds a compressor (in reference to Minecraft’s Avaritia mod) that compresses 10,000 pixels of an element into a “singularity”Alice
nousersthings.jsAdds Caesium and morenousernamefound
random_rocks.jsRandomly generates rocks on game loadAlice
roseyiede.jsAdds several variants of a substance called roseyiedeAlice
some_tf_liquids.jsAdds various liquids from the Thermal Foundation Minecraft modAlice
the_ground.jsAdds several rock types, worldgen settings, and gemstones (broadly construed as ground-related).
Very incomplete
Machines & Technology
clone_liquid.jsAdds a liquid form of clonerAlice
conveyance.jsConveyors, operated with and without electricityMelecie
flipflop.jsToggleable switches; ExplanationFlix
gameOfLife.jsConway's Game of Life on a screenggod
note_block.jsAdds musical Note BlocksAlice
portal.jsAdds portals that can teleport pixelsAlice
pushers.jsAdds pixels that push elements away from themAlice
spouts.jsAdds spouts for all liquidsAlice
state_voids.jsAdds several elements that each delete a specific state of matter (and combinations thereof)Alice
switches.jsAdds electrical switches that can be toggledAlice
ticking_temp_stuff.jsAdds more heaters and coolersAlice
waterspout.jsAdds back the old Water Spoutmollthecoder
icb.jsAdds various levels of nested cluster bombsAlice
life_eater.jsAdds Warhammer 40,000’s Life-Eater Virus and Virus BombsAlice
liquid_void.jsAdds a liquid variant of VoidAlice
more_breaking.jsAllows for breaking more elements in explosionsAlice
rays.jsAdds more Ray typesAlice
Food & Cooking
bananas.jsAdds bananas and banana plantsAlice
ketchup_mod.jsAdds a bunch of ketchup related stuff, plus a few other condimentsNubo318 (main dev), Devi, Alice (contributors)
Life & Nature
apioforms_pre.jsAn incomplete implementation of elements from the Apioform GameAlice
bacteria_mod.jsAdds content from the Bacterium Mod: (Bacteria, Replacer B., Jammer Block)Alice
bananas.jsAdds bananas and banana plantsAlice
cells.jsAdds several experimental edits of the Cell elementAlice
crimson.jsAdds elements relating to the Crimson from TerrariaAlice
fairy_chain.jsAdds way too many fairies to fey_and_more.jsAlice
fantastic_creatures.jsAdds various animalsMelecie
fey_and_more.jsAdds fairies, magic, and a lot of other thingsMelecie
fwibblen.jsAdds a flying creature that turns nickel into itself, and a second creature that does the same to the first oneAlice
human_edit.jsImprovements to humansAlice
miscible_psoup_and_birthpool.jsMakes Primordial Soup and Birthpool mix instead of the birthpool settling to the bottom. Will be deprecated upon the release of Magical MenagerieAlice
mobs.jsAdds Creepers, Zombies, and SkeletonsAlice
nocancer.jsRemoves cancer from the game one tick after it is createdmollthecoder
nocancer2.jsRemoves cancer from the game altogether. May be incompatible with other mods that spawn cancermollthecoder
primordial_birthpool.jsA cross between Primordial Soup and Birthpool. Requires F&MAlice
spring.jsMany nature elements, like sakura trees, butterflies, beehives, and moreR74n
the_ground.jsAdds several rock types, worldgen settings, and gemstones (broadly construed as ground-related).
Very incomplete
toothpaste.jsTeeth and pasteAlice
Fun & Games
amogus.jsAdds a small amogus structureAlice
elem3.jsAdds all elements and combinations from Elemental 3 [Very Large]Sophie
funny elements 2022-11-15.jsAdds a few curated randomly-generated elementsAlice
funny_liquid.jsAdds NSFW elements relating to bodily fluidsAlice
funny_liquid_2.jsAdds urineAlice
funny_liquid_3.jsAdds vomitAlice
funny_solid.jsAdds fecesAlice
haseulite.jsAdds Loona-related materials with various propertiesAlice
iean.jsAdds lean and its ingredientsAlice
lactose_intolerance_and_celiac.jsMakes humans explode on contact with milk, wheat, bread, or toastNubo318
lone_urea.jsAdds urea without the rest of the piss modAlice
memelists.jsMakes it so you must select elements through a list at the bottom of the page.
We like lists
minecraft.jsAdds several things from MinecraftStellarX20
minesweeper.jsA subpar implementation of MinesweeperAlice
musicalfruit.jsHumans get gas from eating Beansmollthecoder
random_elems.jsCurated randomly generated elementsAlice
random_liquids.jsRandomly generates liquids on game loadAlice
sus.jsAdds an Among Us crewmateNv7
triggerable_random_powders.jsAdds powders with different abilities, such as heating and coolingAlice
troll.jsAdds various dumb elements that iterate randomly on the entire screenAlice
star_wars.jsAdds various items from Star Wars by DisneySeaPickle754
Visual Effects
acid_and_shapes.jsWeird visual effects. Enable in SettingsAlice
invisible_dye.jsAdds elements like Dye and Spray Paint that take the color of the backgroundAlice
invisible_wall.jsAdds an element like Wall that takes the color of the backgroundAlice
paint_event.jsAdds a random event that randomly paints a circleAlice
rainbow_tests.jsAdds variants of the rainbow element with different mathsAlice
Shroomboxels.jsA variant of acid_and_shapes.js that uses a different trigonometric functionAlice
Technical Libraries & Tests
a_bundle_of_tests.jsSeveral test functionsAlice
betterMenuScreens.jsLibrary for mods to create their own menusggod
changePixelDebug.jsMakes the changePixel() function abort and log to console when it tries to change to a non-existent elementAlice
changeTempReactionParameter.jsAdds the changeTemp property to modded reactionsAlice
code_library.jsAdds functions and variables common to some other modsAlice
CrashTestDummy.jsOriginally a test to see if certain code broke the game, but now just adds a tool that turns things into sandStellarX20
date_test.jsK-pop idol birthday testing stuffAlice
drawPixels_change_test.jsA test of altering drawPixels(). Gives burning pixels a red overlay similar to the yellow overlay for charged pixelsAlice
example_mod.jsAn example mod for new moddersR74n
explodeAtPlus.jsExtension of the explodeAt function with more optionsAlice
fill_script.jsScript that fills an areaTealEgg#7646
generative_mods.jsModpack with optional mass element generationAlice
generator_prompt.jsAdds a prompt to use generative_mods.js’s element generators after the game finishes loadingAlice
gradient_background_support.jsEnables linear gradients for backgrounds as arrays in settings.bgAlice
libpacman-v1.jsLibrary for making modsmollthecoder
libpixeltracking.jsLibrary for tracking pixelsmollthecoder
maxColorOffset.jsAdds a property to specify how much a pixel’s color can be randomly offset from the element colorAlice
nested_for_reaction_example.jsAn example of using a nested for loop to add reactions. It makes various things kill plantsAlice
nv7.jsAdds a giant Nv7 image [Large]Nv7
place_all_elements.jsExperimental function that places every pixelAlice
randomness_but_tick.jsRandom experimental elements using the tick function featureAlice
randomness_but_tool.jsRandom experimental elements using the tool function featureAlice
randomness.jsRandom experimental elementsAlice
structure_test_2.jsAnother test for implementing structures into Sandboxels (requires the previous test)Alice
structure_test.jsA test for implementing structures into SandboxelsAlice
test.jsA test mod that adds mayo :)R74n
tool_pixel_behavior.jsGives unique behaviors to tools if placed with cheatsAlice
worldgen_test.jsAdds an element that generates a save with a grass layer, dirt layer, rock layer, and a pondAlice
Broken or Deprecated
humans.jsAdds humans. Now part of the base gameR74n
unhide.jsUnhides all elements except molten ones. (This functionality now exists as a vanilla setting)R74n
wheel_fix.jsAttempts to fix the brush scaling too much with the mouse wheel for some people. DeprecatedNubo318

How to create your own mod

To create a Sandboxels mod yourself, you may need knowledge of JavaScript programming and GitHub.

There is a modding tutorial on the Sandboxels Wiki, and an Example Mod to base yours off of.

Issues with mods

We don't provide support for unofficial mods. You may ask for help in our Discord server, or press Clear Mods in Settings.

Some mods may not work every time you load the game, or even at all!