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Sandboxels Introduction

Sandboxels is a free falling-sand simulator that can be played in your browser. It features heat simulation, electricity, density, chemical reactions, cooking, and fire spread. With over 500 unique elements to play with, Sandboxels is a great way to pass the time and relax.

There are thousands of interactions between the many materials, plants, animals, fluids, and powders in the game.

Falling-sand games are a genre of sandbox games characterized by falling particles of various types.

Simply click or use your touchscreen to select a category, like Liquids, then pick an element, like Water. Drag on the canvas above to place your pixels, and watch them interact with others!

Rainforest landscape made in Sandboxels

Sandboxels has many applications in education. With a hands-on experience, it can give students an understanding of emerging phenomena in many fields, such as biology, chemistry, ecology, geology, cooking, and even virology. There are countless aspects to discover.

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Draw pixels Left Click
Erase pixels Right Click
Pick element Middle Click
Pause simulation Space or P
Intensify effect Shift + Heat/Cool/Drag/Mix
Draw line Shift + Click
Change cursor size Scroll or +- or []
Change category
Select by name E
Element info I or /
Open settings \
Reset canvas R
Single step >
Fullscreen F or F11
Change view 1234
Toggle GUI F1
Capture screenshot C or F2
More controls